What should I do now that my wife is pregnant?

Sex during pregnancy can be a huge turn-on for some guys. Others, on the other hand, find it revolting. Where you stand on the topic is determined by various variables, but one thing is sure: your sex life will change when your partner gets pregnant.

Your partner’s pregnancy may make you hornier than ever in the first trimester. For many guys, getting a woman pregnant is a form of affirmation of their manhood (many of us subconsciously worry that we’re infertile before becoming expectant fathers, and nothing beats getting a woman pregnant to make you feel like a completely functional man). 

Furthermore, many expectant dads feel closer to their spouses than before, and this connection gets frequently expressed erotically.

Others experience a drop in sexual desire throughout the first trimester (and potentially throughout the pregnancy). For example, before your spouse became pregnant, she was your wife, the beautiful, seductive lady you adored, and her breasts and vagina were a joy to see. 

Her body is less enjoyable and more utilitarian now that she’s pregnant. Worse, you already know she’ll be a mother after the pregnancy. Mothers aren’t always regarded as attractive. And if you think that sex is just for reproduction, there’s no need to do it now that she’s expecting.

Different Opinions

The differences between the want to have and sex are the don’t-want-to-have-continue sex’s growth as pregnancy advances. For example, most men consider their partner’s expanding figure to be the epitome of femininity and hence highly appealing. Others, however, do not. Their partner’s growing belly and leaky breasts could appear more obnoxious than appealing.

The fear of harming the baby is likely the most prevalent reason men (and women) limit their sex lives during pregnancy. You can stop worrying right now if you’re concerned about this. The baby is safely cushioned in an amniotic fluid-filled sac, and there’s the slight possibility of hurting anyone unless you’re having rough sex.

The views of your spouse about sex during pregnancy might likewise be diverse. She may feel more attached to you than ever before, and she may be less inhibited now that you are no longer on birth control. She could find the notion of creating a life with you immensely sexy, and she might be overjoyed with her swollen, more feminine figure.

Factors Affecting Your Sex Life

On the other hand, she can spend the first-trimester vomiting due to morning sickness, which is hardly aphrodisiac. She may believe that moms are not meant to have sex, be concerned about harming the baby or be overweight.

When it comes to sex, the changing body of the expecting woman causes many couples a lot of strife, misunderstanding, and uncertainty. You may find the pregnant female form enticing, yet you are hesitant to engage in sexual activity for fear of making her feel undesirable. 

On the other hand, your partner may be feeling hotter than ever but is frightened that you won’t like her body anymore so that she won’t start anything sexual.

What You Should Do

Not surprisingly, the solution is to discuss frankly how you feel and your wants and needs with each other. You’ll likely be astonished at how similar you think. You’ll also want to consider broadening your sexual horizons, particularly in the latter few months of your pregnancy, when your partner may find the missionary position unsettling or even impossible.

There are plenty of other methods to gain sexual fulfillment if you haven’t previously considered them. It’s always good to enter from the back, side-by-side, or with her on top. If those don’t work, there’s always mutual masturbation, oral sex, or vibrators if those don’t work.

If those don’t work for you, you can always buy a realistic sex doll. The idea of introducing sex dolls in your relationship is not new. Even though society did see them as taboo, now they have gone mainstream, the industry is thriving. 

Introducing a realistic sex doll in your relationship is the best thing you can do, especially now that you both have concerns about the baby. Sex dolls will save your relationship and impact both your lives positively. 

You can also buy a custom sex doll that you can fully modify to suit your taste and fulfill your fantasies. BBdoll, an established vendor, has an extensive catalog of sex dolls like celebrities, fantasy, anime, and hentai sex dolls. 

How to Introduce A Sex Doll In Your Relationship?

If you’re thinking of buying a sex doll for or with your partner, there are several reasons why this decision might be beneficial to your relationship, especially in the case when your wife is pregnant. 

You and your partner set the rules within your relationship, and you and your partner may be open to trying new things. Including a sex doll in your relationship may allow you to invite a third person into your sex life or have secondary lovers of other genders. Just make sure you’re honest about your happiness and what you anticipate from the other.

Have An Open Discussion About The Sex Doll

Above all, tell your partner the truth. Tell them you want to buy a sex doll and give them all of the reasons why. Outline how you believe the sex doll will benefit you both, and be ready to answer some questions. Remember that your partner may need some time to warm up to the concept, which is perfectly normal. Allow them to think about it and come to their conclusions.

Prioritize Your Relationship With Your Partner.

When buying a sex doll, this is one of the most crucial stages. Unless you and your partner agree differently, your partner should always be your primary priority in the bedroom. This circumstance might lead to jealousy if one of you pays too much attention to the doll. This is why it’s critical to have open lines of communication while enjoying the sex doll.

As long as you and your partner are on the same page, a sex doll may be a great addition to your sex life. Make sure you both have a voice in how the sex doll will fit into the relationship from the minute you decide to buy. Then this toy might supply both of you with enjoyment and satisfaction.